Increased Operational Efficiencies

Save money, increase revenues and improve restaurant operations while giving your customers the ultimate guest experience

 Pay At The Table for Better Operations

Have pay at table technology in your restaurant with TableSafe and improve your restaurant payment processing method.Our pay-at-the-table experience optimizes restaurant operations by increasing staff efficiency and increasing revenues.

pay at table restaurant

Remove the server from the payment process and allow wait staff to spend more time upselling or turning tables faster

Get the most out of your existing point of sale system with a complementary solution that extends payment service to the table

Enable more efficient processing and eliminate chargebacks with EMV payments

Improve capture of key customer data and run proactive marketing loyalty marketing campaigns that will increase repeat customer visits

Obtain real-time survey data providing you with immediate insights on staff performance and customer satisfaction, allowing you to improve operations

Reduce thermal paper costs by over 80% and give your customers the option to receive an email receipt

Increase customer satisfaction - it's less expensive to retain happy customers than acquire new ones

The enhanced operational efficiencies from TableSafe - completing the ultimate guest experience!
restaurant payment processing system
restaurant payment processing

We Offer

TableSafe is the only payment solution designed to be left with the guest at the end of the meal.  Our secure, easy to use payment technology enables the guest to complete the entire payment process in less than a minute without server assistance.

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Restaurants are seeing great results!

Hear from TableSafe Customers

By implementing pay at the table technology we’ve reduced guest credit card overcharge, lost or misplaced credit cards, fraud, as well, we’ve improved the overall guest experience.”

Bass Zongo

Manager Corporate Technology, Nobu

TableSafe made the transition to EMV very easy. Our customers are enjoying the experience and our staff is enjoying it too, in fact, their tip average went up and so all in all it was a win-win for all parties."

Ashwin Shenai

Senior Operations Manager, Dishdash

TableSafe provides a comprehensive analytics platform that also happens to elegantly process payments. We are very pleased with the new, improved payments process for our guests."

Bill Long

CFO, Snooze Eatery