By Damon Shearer

waterfront-with-bridge-sml.jpgShooters Waterfront has teamed up with TableSafe to help complete the ultimate guest experience. Providing stellar food and drink for more than 30 years, Shooters has evolved with Fort Lauderdale to become a waterfront icon.  With fresh seafood, beautiful dockside views, and an overabundance of events beyond the fantastic food, Shooters provides a best in class experience for their guests. From family-friendly brunches to entertainment and even morning yoga classes, shooters prides itself on improving people’s lives, whatever form that may take.

After undergoing a multi-million dollar overhaul in 2014, waterfront-with-umbrellas-sml.jpgMeghan Leckey and William McIntyre welcome more than 500,000 visitors annually to this South Florida premier waterfront restaurant. Shooters strives to provide a premier experience and as part of that experience, they have implemented TableSafe’s pay-at-the-table platform. The platform enables guests to control the entire payment process, how and when they choose. TableSafe’s solution is designed to be left at the table without server oversight and allows multiple split options, automatic tip calculation, and the guest to keep their credit card in-hand at all times. The payment technology removes the server from the traditional method, involving multiple trips between the point-of-sale terminal and the table, allowing them to focus on what they do best – providing the ultimate guest experience.

So come experience the best Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Stop by on a Saturday morning to free your mind and body with a complimentary yoga class, indulge in fresh local cuisine, take in the waterfront views, and complete your guest experience without the concerns or delays of a traditional payment process.