By Don Day; Boise Dev

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Credit card users already are getting used to the ‘dip’ instead of the ‘swipe’ at most retailers. Soon, changes could come to your favorite sit-down restaurant, too.

Right now, you know the drill. You finish your meal, then a server comes by with a billfold. You insert your credit card, the server comes back again, takes it to somewhere unseen and swipes it. Then they drop it back off, you sign and add a tip. At the end of the night, the server goes through all their receipts and enters in tip amounts and totals up.

But a new technology aims to cut down much of that back and forth for both consumer and wait staff. And one local restaurant is an early adopter.

When Andrew Randall and his wife Shayna were putting together Mesa Tacos & Tequilla in Downtown Nampa, they wanted to find ways to take the experience to the next level.

“We’ve implemented things along the way – to make sure guests can get the very best experience,” Andrew said. “Being in Nampa, there’s this predisposed idea people have. They know what they are expecting as far as service and atmosphere. And we really wanted to break that.”

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The small taco and tequila spot in Downtown Nampa is hot – with wait times of more than 90 minutes on weekend nights. Randall thinks the fast start is due to attention to detail.

“We’ve been slammed every single night,” he said. “We are seeing people drive from Eagle and Boise and all over the place to come.”

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