DENVER & SEATTLE -- TableSafe, Inc., provider of the most secure pay-at-the-table platform, today announced that The Fort restaurant has become the first restaurant in the Denver area to provide fully encrypted security and pay-at-the-table convenience with TableSafe’s RAIL™ platform. The Fort’s dining guest can now securely control the entire payment process including reviewing their bill, splitting the check, applying the tip and processing the payment. The payment is protected by point-to-point encryption (P2PE) that renders all payment information useless to hackers and thieves. TableSafe’s technology also removes the need for any guest’s payment information to be stored on the restaurant point-of-sale terminal. This combination of features virtually eliminates the risk of credit breach for all transactions processed by the RAIL.

“While The Fort is dedicated to preserving and providing a truly Colorado experience, one that is reminiscent of our historic past, we also look to provide our customers with cutting-edge technologies that enhance security and the overall experience,” said Holly Arnold Kinney, The Fort’s proprietress. “TableSafe’s innovative technology puts The Fort at the forefront of securing guest information while seamlessly enhancing our upscale dining experience.”

The RAIL payment device, housed inside a patented leather folio, provides an intuitive interface that allows the guest to complete their payment in an average time of less than 90 seconds. Afterwards, the RAIL allows the guest to provide real-time feedback on their experience, enabling the restaurant to gain valuable insights into their food and service.

“The Fort may be known for its ‘New Foods of the Old West,’ but it also understands the value of providing customers with modern technology and advanced payment security,” said Frank Kerr, Chief Sales Officer of TableSafe. “With fraud and payment information theft increasing in full-service restaurants, merchants are often left with the feeling they’re still in the Wild West era. TableSafe provides a trusted payment platform that ensures peace of mind for both the guest and the restaurant.”

TableSafe technology also allows restaurants to increase efficiency throughout the restaurant. On average, restaurants can turn tables eight minutes faster and improve back-of-house operations by saving five minutes in reconciling receipts, eight minutes closing out server shifts and 45 minutes in office labor validating tips.

For more information about TableSafe and how the RAIL enhances the dining experience and restaurant operations, visit

About TableSafe Inc.
TableSafe is transforming the way restaurants and other venues complete their hospitality service. TableSafe provides a secure and innovative payment platform that enables guests to fully execute the payment process at the table while maintaining control of their payment information at all times. The RAIL increases restaurant revenue, table turns and staff efficiency both in the front and back of the house. TableSafe’s technology also provides comprehensive analytics on customer behavior and restaurant operations. For more information about TableSafe visit

About The Fort
An award-winning and nationally acclaimed “truly Colorado” restaurant, The Fort is located in Southwest Denver, in Red Rocks Territory. Specializing in regional game, such as bison, elk and quail, as well as salmon, trout and hearty vegetarian fare influenced by American Indian and Mountain Man cuisine, The Fort sells more buffalo steaks than any other independently owned restaurant in the country. Holly Arnold Kinney, proprietress and award-winning cookbook author, leads The Fort’s creation of “New Foods of the Old West,” bringing back popular recipes from the 19th century, prepared with a twist. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Fort is a full-scale adobe replica of Bent’s Fort, an important fur-trading fort originally in Southeastern Colorado (1833-1849). For more information about The Fort, call (303) 697-4771, or visit


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