is presented as the familiar bill folder diners are used to seeing, with the added capabilities of digital check presentation, at-the-table payment via a number of payment options, on-the-spot digital surveys, and much more.

RAIL communicates seamlessly with existing POS systems, thereby eliminating several labor intensive steps of the standard bill paying process and delivering significant cost savings to your restaurant. The product also serves as a platform for marketing, customer loyalty programs, and other consumer related value added services.

The use of this product enables patrons to pay with credit or debit cards without the cards ever leaving their possession, thereby protecting against credit card and identity theft.

The cost effective RAIL subscription program allows your restaurant to take advantage of the valuable features of the system. These features include; increased revenue, EMV acceptance, guest engagement, payment card protection, cost savings, guest feedback and more.

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RAILUS Patent # 7,370,794.