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Revolutionizing Pay-At-The-Table While Enhancing Guest Satisfaction

Increase Profit

Our technology reduces your hard costs and labor expenses and increases the opportunity for more covers and upselling. Restaurants using TableSafe experience up to a 5% increase in revenue.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Our platform is designed to be left at the table at the end of the meal for the guest to manage the payment process. This empowers your waitstaff to focus on hospitality and to spend more time in front of the customer

Improve Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence enhances your analytics from the POS to include server and staffing configuration performance, line item preferences mapped to guest profiles and customer feedback from 80% of your paying customers.  

"TableSafe's solution has not only enhanced our payment process, but also elevated our service."

-Alex Hasbany, GM, 71Above

Increase Profit

  • 6-10 minute faster table turns

  • ​20 minutes per hour of additional time for customer engagement, per server

  • Maximize upselling opportunity 

  • Increased visibility of restaurant promotions and gift card/loyalty programs

Restaurants experience up to a 5% increase in revenue


Enhance Customer Engagement

  • 80% response rate with customer survey

  • 20% capture of guests' email addresses for ongoing marketing promotions

  • Guest-managed payment process, enabling servers to concentrate on hospitality

"TableSafe's built-in survey provides a valuable solution for maintaining customer satisfaction. The instant manager alert allows us to address any complaint prior to the guest leaving the restaurant. I am a believer."

-Michael J. Manuel, Owner, Outriggers


"TableSafe provides a comprehensive analytics platform that also happens to elegantly process payments."

-Bill Long, CFO, Snooze

Improve Business Intelligence

  • Enhanced data on guests' behavior and preferences 

  • Performance data on individual staff and team configurations

  • Guest survey feedback from 80% of all paying customers

  • Real-time data capture of guest satisfaction

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