pay at the table

The Ultimate Guest Experience

Improve your guest experience and server efficiencies.

With the only mobile pay-at-the-table solution designed to be left at the table at the end of the meal, your guests have the freedom to choose when and how to pay at their convenience.

This allows your staff to focus on serving and upselling other guests for optimal server efficiencies and labor cost savings for your restaurant.

Best-In-Class Pay-At-The-Table

What to look for when evaluating pay-at-the-table

Creating the ultimate guest experience
Better Guest Experience >
Improve your restaurants operational efficiencies
Enhanced Operations >
Better insights and reporting
Data Insights >
Safer and more secure transactions
Increased Security >
Return over $142,000++ per restaurant
Return on Investment >

Better Guest Experience

Safer, more secure and more convenient

Your guests are looking for the safety and security of pay-at-the-table.  With an elegant, folio-wrapped pay-at-the-table device, designed to be left at the table, your guests have the freedom to choose when and how to pay at their convenience. A device left at the table allows your staff to focus on serving and upselling other guests, resulting in optimal server efficiencies and labor cost savings for you (especially helpful if you are short on staff).

safe payment options

Pay-at-the-table offers safer payment options with -
Reduced touch EMV credit card
Touchless using a QR code
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Real time feedback

The device can significantly improve client user experience by -
Providing realtime feedbacks data to catch a bad experience before the consumer departs
Restaurant can use data to correct any issue on the spot if any arise
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Enhanced Operations

Improved operational efficiencies

Pay-at-the-table provides the restaurant an opportunity to run more efficiently with fewer servers and more table turns. In addition,  chargebacks and fraud risk are reduced along with thermal paper costs. Ultimately happier, more loyal customers will result in increased revenues. See how to optimize your restaurant operations:

Better Data Insights

Reporting and insights.

The ideal pay at table technology solution will enhance your ability to engage with guests either by:
Providing you with insight into the customers' experience in real time.
Capturing email from an electronic receipt

Built for Safety

Safer and more secure transactions

Layered Security Approach

EMV security and point-to-point encryption

Safer and More Reliable Transactions

Direct integration with point of sale systems

The best table pay solution integrates directly with your POS rather than connecting through third parties that need a stable internet connection. Direct integration means safer and more reliable transactions that will instill confidence and trust in your staff and your guests.
Learn more about the increased safety and security of pay-at-the-table:

The ROI of Pay-At-The-Table

Quick return on your investment

The key to evaluating a pay-at-the-table software solution is for the returns that you will achieve, to far outweigh the investment you made. For example:

$142,000 ++

increase in loyalty per restaurant per year.

Increased Revenue

At Restaurants and Other Businesses

Additional Savings

On Thermal Papers

Reduced Expenditure

With Reduced Labour Cost
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Read more about evaluating the return on a pay-at-the-table investment:

The return on your pay-at-the-
table investment

Blog post about table pay ROI
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Does the pay-at-the-table solution have...?

Designed to be left at the table

Separate payments out from ordering for the best guest experience and most efficient process

Highly flexible with a variety of payment options

Does it offer the guest the freedome to choose to pay by EMV credit card, mobile touchless, cash, and credit card?

Direct integration with POS

Avoid 3rd party integration for the safest, most secure and most convenient processing

Increased guest email capture

Ensure guests are empowered and motivated to provide email and contact info

Restaurants Are Seeing Great Results With Pay-At-The-Table!

Hear from TableSafe customers:

The RAIL by TableSafe is amazing! From the ease of use for staff and guests to the easy process of handling credits, batching, and e-mailing receipts. I would highly recommend the solution for any businesses looking to utilize EMV technology and keeping the credit card in the guest’s hands."

David Adelsperger

General Manager, Ruth’s Chris Steak House

TableSafe provided us with a highly effective survey and analytics platform that also processes payments. The insights we obtain from their data is part of our competitive edge.”

General Manager

Uncle Julios

TableSafe has truly helped our company. Our staff and back-office absolutely love the convenience and benefits of the solution. Most importantly the guest experience has been transformed and streamlined. A TableSafe device is truly a great lasting impression!.”

Faith Vaughn

Director of HR & Training, Ray's Restaurants