Reversing Negative Online Reviews Before They Happen

Updated: Apr 11

When you have guests at your restaurant you want them to enjoy the ultimate dining experience. Restaurant owners and managers do their best to be aware of all the factors that go into having a relaxing night out.

While it appears that everyone is delighted by the delectable cuisine, amazing atmosphere and hospitable wait staff your online reviews aren’t capturing the uniqueness of what you bring to the table.

By human nature we can’t be everywhere at once so how do we solve a problem that we may not be aware of until it’s too late?

TableSafe is the recipe for success…

When your guests complete their meal the server brings the check via TableSafe device. Once the device is handed off the guests can decide how and when they would like to pay. If needed they can split the checks, adjust the tip amount, and even have their receipt emailed to them.

After card payment, the guest will be asked to complete a short survey about their dining experience. As a restaurant owner, you can set the benchmark on when to be alerted of a less than desirable experience.

Once you receive the notification via SMS you will immediately know which table to address. The customer is not notified that you have been alerted to the situation so you can subtly address the guests with something as simple as asking them how their experience was.

1 out of 26 customers will verbalize complaints without being prompted, the rest will churn. Often when we dine out and feel something isn’t up to the quality it should be we do not saying anything at the moment so that we do not cause a “scene.” These customers often go onto restaurant review sites and then vent about what they perceive as a negative experience.

TableSafe alerts allow you to casually approach the table in question and learn about their dining experience. By addressing the guests before they leave you can resolve issues, gain valuable feedback, and prevent negative reviews.

Having the manager address the feedback in real-time to resolve the issues prevents negative online reviews and staff or food issues can be addressed appropriately. Now that your restaurant has TableSafe the ultimate dining experience is complete.

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