Why TableSafe

Working Together to Curate a Superior Dining Experience

At TableSafe, our innovation begins with empathy. We strive to stand in the shoes of all our customers and sit in the seats of all of our end users, to fully understand and experience the challenges associated with the guest payment experience. We continually test our solutions with all stakeholders to confirm our solutions work for everyone. We call this empathetic innovation and it is at the heart of our technology.

Nowhere is this more important than in full-service restaurant concepts where customer-facing technology can make or break the dining experience.

While other technologies address some of the payment issues, they all share one thing in common - they are disruptive and sometimes even obtrusive. We designed our solution to complement the restaurant’s own hospitality.

The RAIL is delivered in a traditional and familiar restaurant check folio and is only brought to the table when guests have finished their meal. Once the RAIL is delivered, servers are free to focus on the dining guests in their section. The interface is as simple as using an ATM machine and guests can easily whisk through the entire payment process with complete confidence that they are in full control of the process and their credit card identity.

Our technology is purpose-built for the restaurant industry… and its guests.

TableSafe Technology‚Äč

The only secure, purpose-built payment solution that delivers up to 5% revenue lift

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