Customer Success

TableSafe is a proven solution in a broad range of restaurants including
national brands, fine dining, fast casual, hotels, resorts and more

Nobu Restaurants

Bass Zongo

Manager, Corporate Technology

By implementing TableSafe we’ve reduced guest credit card overcharge, lost or misplaced credit cards, fraud, as well, we’ve improved the overall guest experience.

Dishdash Restaurant Group

Ashwin Shenai

Senior Manager of Operations

TableSafe made the transition to EMV very easy. Our customers are enjoying the experience and our staff is enjoying it too, in fact, their tip average went up and so all in all it was a win-win for all parties.

Snooze Eatery

Bill Long


TableSafe provides a comprehensive analytics platform that also happens to elegantly process payments. We are very pleased with the new, improved payments process for our guests.

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