TableSafe Advantage

The TableSafe Advantage

TableSafe is the only solution designed to be left at the table for a safer
and more elegant guest experience

Completing the Ultimate Guest Experience
The Freedom to Choose

TableSafe is the only solution designed to be left at the table empowering guests to choose when and how to pay. This is accomplished with our elegant folio device which handles all forms of payment, including cash, gift card, EMV, touchless and traditional swipe transactions. Pay at the table benefits include that your restaurant achieves the highest level of security and trust, enhanced operational efficiencies and a better overall guest experience.

TableSafe Benefits

Dining Guest

Enhance the Guest Experience

Guests control when and how to pay

Payments made with a credit card or QR code

More privacy without wait staff hovering

Faster more efficient check out

Supports the guest's payment preferences

Create a Safer Experience

Using a device designed to be left at the table, combining credit card and touchless payments, reduces contact points throughout the process

Build Trust

Credit card never leaves the guests' hands

EMV certified and P2PE compliant

Credit card data never resides on terminal


Gain Insights from Business Intelligence

Customer feedback helps to improve server performance

Real-time manager alerts catch customer issues before they leave

Surveys allow restaurant to ask customized questions

High guest email capture rate for building loyalty

Reduce Costs and Improve Operations

Faster and more efficient payments

Streamlines server / bartender checkout

Digital signature capture

Increased server tips for employee loyalty

Reduce labor costs and employee turnover

Reduce thermal paper costs by over 80%

Eliminate chargebacks and avoid data breach

Increase Revenues

Faster table turns and more upselling

Revenue growth from better loyalty marketing and increased repeat visits